Wedding photographer Morocco: Carmen and Francesco

Wedding photographer Morocco: Carmen and Francesco


Love before marriage is nothing but emotion, shame and hardly hidden happiness. Before that magical “Yes, I do” pronounced half-heartedly, you get back to the times of adolescence. The smile acquires a new light and the eyes ignite with thousands of tones when they lost into each other. It is a way of rediscovering once again, loving each other more than before. With the honeymoon love becomes adventure, passion and realization of small hidden dreams instead.

Carmen and Francesco are well aware of that. They got married in Campania Region, a blooming and luxuriant land. A terrestrial heaven where the tastes of its fruits are intense and people always have a smile upon their faces. A profound desire for Carmen: to have some pictures inside the Medina in her wedding dress. We made that dream come true: we have been their wedding photographer Marocco for a half-day shooting. It is in these occasions and places that what we call photography turns into magic.
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Wedding photographer Morocco: colours and life.

Carmen’s gown, a white stain along the Medina’s network of tiny alleys, sometimes so noisy sometimes so quiet. Her hand tightened in that of her husband slides through coloured wrought iron doors, arcs, and huge red brick walls. Then the hands leave place to sweets embraces. Carmen and Francesco walk elegantly in their ceremony suits through the beating heart of Marrakech: the Souk, the most important market in the city.

We have photographed our couple in this massive labyrinth, also dribbling some crazy moped. Not only love but also danger can be part our job sometimes. In few minutes, music and colours have overwhelmed us. Sellers of carpets and dry fruit everywhere. With each step a smell of spice and candles, some cart pulled by a donkey cutting dangerously close in front of us. Children stared straight at us from their courtyards. Perhaps enchanted by the Mediterranean beauty of Carmen or attracted by the elegance of Francesco, or simply perceiving the great amount of love in the air.





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Shooting in the Koranic school of Ben Youssef Medersa

Being a wedding photographer Morocco means to find for your couple some places of a thousand and one night. The Medersa Ben Youssef is one of these places. It is the symbol of Marrakech indeed. Founded in the XIV century, it has been the greatest Koranic school built in Arabic-Andalusian architecture. We have led Carmen and Francesco in the inner courtyard. In an almost surreal atmosphere, they exchanged delicate kisses and caresses on the skin. The walls covered in geometric mosaics and the charm of the Moorish architecture, rich in inlays in wood, have made our photos even more suggestive.

In addition, the Rooms of Prayer has been protagonists of our shots. Labyrinths of corridors, rooms, columns and arcs with floral motives have perfectly framed the hundreds of love moments that Carmen and Francesco shared. For some seconds we have had the feeling to photograph their instants of tenderness while no one was watching, being completely in line with them. This is the greatest joy for a photographer, isn’t it? Being the silent guardian of true love.



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Portraits of the couple inside the Douireya Suite of the Riad El Borji

Wedding photographer Morocco means continuous surprise. This time for the portraits, the selected location has been the Douireya Suite of the Riad El Borj, an oasis of peace in the middle of the Medina. In the room: walls decorated with mosaics, beautiful tapestries over the floor next to a canopy bed.

Carmen and Francesco have found their shelter, they moved away from the clamour of the crowd, so we have photographed them during some relax. We have captured the most spontaneous smiles, a light touch among the hair, whispered promises. The soft light of the lamps has allowed us to create some games of light and shade on their faces. We thought we were daydreaming.
Shooting - Carmen e Francesco-1034-X3



Shooting - Carmen e Francesco-1216-X3

Wedding photographer in Morocco: an unforgettable return

We have already been wedding photographers in Morocco but this place continues surprising us. We return to our weddings in Le Marche Region full of all the beautiful emotions that Carmen and Francesco gave us. For us it has been a true honour to photograph their honeymoon.
We leave this place with a promise: we will come back again for sure!

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