Pre wedding photographer in Paris

Pre wedding photographer in Paris


To walk the streets of love, we all know, it is not easy. Love can amaze you through strange combinations, tortuous paths, impossible to understand most of the time. But, in the end , it always finds the way to spread . No need to comprehend, you just have to let it express in its highest ways.

That is the reason why we created Love Destination: a photographic shooting that narrates the moment of the engagement. Who decides where? It’s you, and your heart: we will simply follow your feelings. That is why when Alex and Karen, two weds-to-be from Hong Kong contacted us for a pre wedding shoot in Paris, we went for it.



You can’t rule the heart: let love rule

Paris is no doubt the perfect place for promises of eternal love. La ville lumiere, the city of lights, has represented throughout the years the most popular destination for couples. Romantic, classic, rich in history and art, Paris is able to embrace the contemporary style keeping its classical elegance alive, always considered one of its distinguishing features.

For this reason Alex and Karen have chosen Paris: to turn their engagement into a magical moment. We have decided to tell their story walking on the city bridges, arches and promenades, stopping from time to time at some Cafès or along the Sein riverside.

We told this story focusing on the couple’s smiles and glances. Paris, in the background mesmerizes every shot with its magic. To do that, we had everything we needed : we have spent a whole day with the couple and, helped by a beautician and a hair stylist, Karen even had the chance to change her look four times.









Love Destination - Karen e Alex-452




Love Destination - Karen e Alex-661



Love Destination - Karen e Alex-844



Love Destination - Karen e Alex-931





Exploring Paris

Of course there must be room for art, history and culture in Paris. It is hard to ignore the wonderful Notre Dame Cathedral and Tour Eiffel, two of the most prominent Paris symbols that can only leave you speechless. Trocadero was the ideal background for intimate and elegant shots, while the Parisian evening has helped us taking amazing pictures at the foot of Montmartre. Also the Louvre’s pyramid by night has created a breathtaking atmosphere for the couple.

Places rich in art and history but also delicate atmospheres. This is Paris: you will never be deceived by this city. The city floats between ancient and modern history, between historical cafes with their typical wooden furniture and futurist architectural taste of the greatest city museum. That was Alex and Karen engagement.







And what about the wedding? Lake Como!

Everything is planned. If for the engagement they have chosen the capital of France, the wedding destination has an Italian name. In fact Alex and Karen have chosen one of the most enchanting places in Italy to say “Yes, I do”: Lake Como. We have already worked between the little houses and the views that surround this body of water, and for us it is always a pleasure to tell the story of two people who choose to celebrate their wedding on the famous lake that inspired Manzoni.

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