Honeymoon in Marrakech: Lars + Mira

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Honeymoon in Marrakech: Lars + Mira


When love calls, you’d better answer. We don’t care where it is going to lead us, in every corner of the world we are ready to photograph the only feeling that moves the minds, ignites smiles and turns the world into a rainbow of colors.

Our project Love Destination  has brought us in Morocco. We have been photographers in Marrakech. With our shooting we have told the story of the honeymoon of Lars and Mira. He: from Germany, She: from Lebanon: two different cultures, one love. Strong and enchanting   as the burning West Africa sun.




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Photographer Marrakech for a honeymoon

Marrakech has two hearts. Always in balance between privacy and social life, the city represents the ideal frame for catching the most meaningful moments of the honeymoon. To work as a photographer in Marrakech means to seize its thousand nuances and faces.

The city is encircled by red earth walls. Palms, olive trees, oleanders and oranges mix together to build one green roof that stands out majestically towards the sky. The Bougainville perfumes the alleys climbing up the red and light blue houses.

In the middle of Marrakech, street performers and snake charmers give life to the Souk, the market. In a riot of colors and odors with materials, carpets and aromatic spices. These bazaars bustle with people from all over the world. This meeting point seems to host the entire humankind: africans, arabs, berbers, europeans.

We have reached the newlyweds at Dar Ayniwen, in the heart of the Palmeraie. This   Arab-French style villa was transformed in a luxurious hotel with a tropical garden . It has been one of the location chosen for the couple portrait.


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Sweet embraces in the shadow of the palm trees

We have photographed Lars and Mira in the shade of the huge palms moved by the wind. In the audience we had some camels who were enjoying their afternoon siesta.

The couple was lost in an eye-to-eye embrace, sometimes smiling to each other, donating intimacy to the shots. Is there something more beautiful than the laughter of two lovers? Nothing could be more peaceful.





Love is something blue

A photographer in Marrakech must know how to observe. It is not enough to choose just one location in such an evocative city. We have brought the couple to the Jardin Majorelle, best known as the blue gardens.

In this oasis of peace – for years home of the French painter Jacques Majorelle – Lars and Mira have exchanged other moments of tenderness. We have captured their kisses playing with the lights and shadows generated by the intense colors of the place: the cobalt-blue of the villa, the yellow of the flower vases and the green of the gardens.

To be photographers to Marrakech for a honeymoon was a dreamlike journey. We had the privilege to seal the love of a couple in an amazing location. For us it is a true honor, a fortune and a pleasure: will we return there? We hope so, we are always traveling around the world and it is also for this reason that we love being wedding photographers.







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